"I've been training with Gavin twice a week for over a year now and have had a great experience with him as a trainer. For me, it is often tough finding a solid personal trainer who pushes you and makes you leave after the hour sweating and feeling pumped for the day. You will definitely get that with Gavin, and he will also go the extra mile to work with you on eating healthy because no amount of work in the gym will counter a bad diet. He was good at designing a realistic fitness strategy that allowed me to work hard during the week while still enjoying my weekends. He's also a really cool guy who you will enjoy talking to you during your workouts. My favorite line of his is, "summer bodies are made in the winter." I highly recommend training with Gavin!"


"Gavin helped me turn my life around.  I started working with Gavin a few months before my wedding, and with his help lost almost 30 pounds and got in to incredible shape.  He takes a fundamental approach to fitness and health, by focussing on the fundamentals.  
Sustainability, with an eye towards lifelong fitness, also sets Gavin apart.  I've worked with trainers in the past that make me uncomfortable because they ignore the details of safety during weight training and other exercises.  Gavin is the opposite, and has studied the human body to ensure that I do not hurt myself as I push myself to higher and higher limits.  I want to be healthy my whole life, and I know the work I am doing now with Gavin is laying a foundation for that. I can't recommend Gavin enough."

- Alex F

"If you're a competitive athlete, Gavin is the trainer for you.  He reminds me of my favorite coach who encourages and pushes me as far as possible.  Gavin is a consummate professional who sets a high bar for himself; he is always up to date on the latest techniques and research and I trust him implicitly.  He is super dedicated to each of his clients and personally invested in their development - I recommend Gavin highly!"

- Wendy C

"Words cannot describe how awesome Gavin is, you have to experience him for yourself.  For over 3 years, he has subjected me to the most grueling workouts and as a result I am in better shape than I have ever been.  His workout sessions are never from a cookie cutter.  They are tailored to your needs and ever changing, always keeping you on your toes.  He's introduced me to weight lifting, calisthenics, boxing, agility drills, and has got me performing skills I never thought I could do.  Gavin pays attention to the smallest details in your form, adjusting a wrist position or alignment to insure you are safe and getting the most from your effort.  
As if this weren't enough, he has an extensive knowledge of body mechanics.  A while back he played a huge role in rehabbing me from a sports injury.  18 months ago, I ruptured my Achilles tendon and could barely stand on the bad leg after surgery.  Gavin made it his mission to return me to my baseline.  After a few months of work, the injury was a distant memory and I had not only regained my mobility but my confidence too.  I couldn't have done it without him!  
With all this said, the reason I keep coming back has to do with what a great guy Gavin is.  His laid back demeanor and always upbeat attitude make the idea of going to the gym much easier to take, even on days when my motivation is low.  If you want someone who will inspire and commit you to reaching your goals, go see Gavin immediately!"

- See-Ming P