Before we start your training, I would like to meet you and show you around the world class training facility, DIAKADI.  We will then discuss your goals and how we can work together to achieve them.  Remember this is PERSONAL training - each individual client is unique and may require a different journey to see maximum results.  

Therefore, I will need to know all about:

  • Past and present injuries that may limit your movement
  • Nutrition
  • Stress levels
  • Sleep habits
  • Lifestyle and occupation
  • What style and type of training do you most enjoy


Personal Training with Program Design

  • Are you looking to achieve better posture, fat loss, or strength gains?  
  • Are you preparing for an event - climbing a mountain, running a race, joining a soccer team, getting in shape for your wedding or vacation? 
  • Do you just need a fitness professional by your side to help motivate you and ensure you work out properly and safely? 

If yes, then a Personal Training with Program Design is the package for you. This will include nutritional advice and homework to keep you focused on your goals.


The right approach to nutrition is critical to ensuring success in your training.  I will provide advice on:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Strategies for stress management 

I am passionate about the importance of a balanced diet centered around healthy whole foods, and an advocate for the advantages of tracking macronutrients for peak physical and mental performance.  We will discuss what foods are the best choices to fuel your training, strategies for keeping consistent, and technology that can keep you on track.

Program Design

Does your schedule not allow for regular personal training? If so, I can design a program for you to use on your own in the gym. 

Do you travel often and have a hard time keeping up with your work outs?   I can put together a program you can do in a hotel gym or even a hotel room (we can get very creative!).

For the Program Design package, we will meet at DIAKADI for one to two sessions to go through the program and ensure you are comfortable executing the movements safely and properly. We will film you doing the movements in the program and provide instructional commentary you can refer back to when working out on your own.

Sports Specific College or High School Prep

Is your son or daughter hoping to make the team at high school?  Are they looking to take their game to the next phase and compete at the college level?

I offer sport specific strength and conditioning programs for young athletes that will help their body function at their optimum level while minimizing the risk of injury.